Accountable Officer Improving how hospital work with General Practice – new requirements on hospitals in the NHS Standard Contract 2016/17



The doctors at Limbrick Wood Surgery are happy to discuss your result with you and this can be done face to face or via a telephone appointment.  It is always best to ask the receptionists for the results as they can tell you if the specific results are normal or not thus saving you an appointment.


We will NOT discuss any results requested by another organisation eg UHCW Hospital.


The Clinician or team requesting the test holds the responsibility to interpret and convey the results to you.  Asking another Clinician to interpret results that they have not ordered can cause errors and is thus discouraged by the GMC and medicolegal organisations.  It is now a contractual obligation of the hospital to discuss the results they have organised.  I f you would like to know the results of investigations organised by the hospital then please call the consultant you were under.  If they or the team suggest that you speak to the GP instead then please direct them to this website for confirmation of our policy and the letter above (Accountable Officer) which is the national directive